Bird Feeder Types

There are many different kinds of bird feeders out there, and if you are a fan of birds and having them eat out of your feeder, then you will definitely benefit from knowing more about the designs and purposes of different types of feeders. Even a very basic understanding, you will find, will give you more insight as to how to attract your favorite birds to your feeding ground for your enjoyment.

The most common type of feeder is the seed feeder. This type of feeder has seen inside of it, and employs a way to dispense the seed to the birds that want to eat from it. You can usually put all kinds of different seeds in these bird feeders, such as sunflower seeds.

Another type of bird feeder is called the hummingbird feeder. These feeders hold a sugar solution instead of sugar, which tastes a lot like nectar to hummingbirds. Hummingbirds love these kinds of feeders, and you will be surprised at how many you can attract with a simple feeder like this.

Another type of feeder that you might enjoy is a suet feeder. This feeder is like a metal cage that houses a suet, which is like a block of food that attracts birds like flickers, woodpeckers, and nuthatches. This type of feeder will be especially popular during the winter months, as the fat found in the suet can help keep birds warm.

Some bird feeders are prone to being broken into by squirrels. If you have this problem in your area, then you might want to get an anti-squirrel bird feeder. These have mechanisms built into them that will keep squirrels out. Squirrels will often carry the food away, leaving none for the birds….which is why a lot of people like to take measures to keep them out.

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