Roof Coatings For Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, home owners are looking for affordable ways to make their homes environmentally greener and help their energy efficiency. One of the easiest methods to cut down on energy costs, substantially improve energy efficiency, and properly seal your home is to opt for modern roof coatings. Present-day coatings lower energy usage by limiting the need to use air conditioners-or other temperature controlling devices-and help to further seal roofs off from the elements. Through their highly reflective white coloring, they are able to lower roof temperatures thereby extending your roof’s life time and more adequately controlling your home’s interior temperatures. With low installation costs, it is also one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to “go green” and save on monthly expenses.

Several products, such as Uniflex roof coating products, are ENERGY STAR certified as reliable products to increase a home’s energy efficiency. During the summer months, these coatings reflect the majority of UV and Infrared waves emitted from the Sun. Traditional darker-colored products absorb most of the Sun’s energy, thus increasing the surface temperature of your roof and increasing the interior temperature of your home. More energy efficient roof coatings, by reflecting the majority of the Sun’s rays, essentially maintain a moderate surface roof temperature and substantially lower cooling costs.

A more moderate roof temperature has an additional benefit other than lowering cooling costs: energy efficient roof coatings prevent roof expansion, thus preserving a roof’s integrity for many more years when compared to traditional coatings. In preventing dramatic temperature extremes, efficient roof coatings will help avoid cracking and various openings that may allow rainwater into your home and interior air to escape.

In many instances, a more energy efficient roof coating has low installation costs and can be adapted to your home or business. Elastomeric roof coatings offer a highly reflexive white coating, with strong durability. Energy efficient aluminum roof coatings, while not as reflexive, add supplementary protection from all elements, including rainwater, snow, and wind damage. For large roofs, there are cost-effective asphalt options. No matter what roof you may have, or its design, there are energy-efficient options for you to choose from.

If you decide to renovate your home’s roof by sealing your roof, make sure you ask for ENERGY STAR certified products. Aside from the benefits of lower cooling costs, they can have a beneficial environmental impact and may easily be an affordable option to lower cooling costs and roofing repairs while helping ease your home’s carbon footprint.