Powered Tools For Gardening

This article talks about the types of “Powertoolbuzz” that can be used to maintain the garden. These tools are generally powered by electricity or petrol. The petrol-powered tools tend to be more powerful, but can be more expensive to purchase and to run.

The tools covered here will be lawnmowers, strimmers, cultivators, shredders, vacuums, pressure washers, rotavators, and hedge trimmers.

Lawnmowers – These necessary tools are used to keep the grass of the lawn short by cutting the grass. The waste grass is either left where it is cut or deposited in a bucket fixed to the mower.

Strimmers – These tools are used to maintain the edges of gardens by trimming the foliage that extends beyond the garden boundaries. This tool is only used after the edges of the garden have already been cut by a more robust tool.

Cultivators – These are used in gardens to break up the soil and the removal of weeds, in preparation for planting seeds.

Shredders – A shredder is used to literally shred garden waste, such as plants, sticks, and leaves. The resulting mulch can then be used in the garden as compost.

Vacuums – The vacuum is used to clear the debris of all sorts from a garden. Most will think of this tool as being used on leaves, but it can be used for clearing any excess debris. Generally, they are used to blow the debris, to be pushed into a pile ready for clearing up, but some versions can be used to suck up waste into a container. These versions that do literally vacuum come with a container that the user has on their back.

Pressure washers – By shooting out a stream of water at very high pressure, these tools are excellent at removing excess unwanted foreign material from decking, walls, patios, and vehicles.

Rotavators – These do the same thing as cultivators, as in breaking up the ground in readiness for planting seeds and saplings, but rotavators tend to be far more powerful and can break up virtually any garden surface.

Hedge trimmers – As the name suggests, this tool is used to trim the excess from hedges. They are often seen attached to tractors for cutting the hedges along the roadside, but there is also smaller handheld versions for use in household gardens.

The above eight powered garden tools can make looking after the garden an easier and as a result more pleasing and rewarding experience. With the time saved from their use a more professional result can be achieved and more time can be spent on other garden activities that may otherwise be neglected.