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The natural food industry expects to bring in an approximated $1 billion in 2017, with that number still expected to grow in the coming years. While most shoppers are savvy enough to acknowledge healthy items, such as fruits, veggies and lean protein, there are lots of other foods that are fairly new to the market place.

Lets take an appearance at a few of the foods in concern and see if they are all they are cracked up to be. – Take one look at Instagram and Acai bowls are all the rage! With their lively color, sweet taste and “super powers” (rich in antioxidants), who wouldn’t want one? Well before you decide to make this your daily breakfast or snack, you might desire to continue with care.

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Studies reveal that this berry, which comes from the Amazon, plays an essential role in heart and gastrointestinal health. The fruit itself, is excellent. While that might hold true, the Acai bowl itself is generally constructed out of the powdered or puree kind, both of which is removed of many of the dietary value.

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It sounds healthy, this is one food that must stay as a once-in-a-while reward! – Granola has long been touted as a healthy, all natural choice.

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While it might have initially come from a natural source, however lots of varieties are loaded with calories, fat and sugar, and without fiber. For those still wanting to consist of granola in their diets, it is best to stick to a 1/4 cup or search for granola alternatives that are greater in fiber and lower in sugar to give the exact same delicious crunch.

Avocados sliced atop a piece of whole grain toast are the best mix of an abundant creamy taste on a crunchy complex carb. Avocados are not only tasty however abundant in vitamins and minerals, high in fiber and are a good source of protein. Although they are high in fat, they contain the great fats that have been shown to decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease.

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This ends up making the smoothie high in nutritionally empty calories, and without fiber that is found in real fruit. Not to point out many individuals discover that even when consuming a smoothie, they remain hungry and end up searching for something extra to eat. When buying a smoothie make sure you know its contents and consider it as a meal replacement not as a treat to hold you over.

Search for entire foods based smoothies, read component labels, and consider making your smoothies in the house so you make sure they’re as healthy as they are tasty. Attempt this recipe: Blueberry-Banana and Cacao Healthy Smoothie Bowl – Bars were originally marketed to professional athletes to supplement their diet plan or to eat following a great workout, but today it appears that practically everybody is enjoying them.

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Energy fueling, brain-boosting, low glycemic and high protein are amongst the numerous different kinds of bars that decorate racks and vending machines everywhere. The bottom line is what’s inside the bar that counts. With many nutrition bars on the market, the secret is to read the label to comprehend what nutrients it contains.